When you find out that you need to wear hearing aids you may be wondering about how the experience is going to feel. This is going to transform your lifestyle but it is also going to be an adjustment. The truth is, everyone's experience will be slightly different and this is because not everyone has the same level of hearing loss. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider. 

Adapting can take some time

There is no sudden fix on getting used to having a hearing aid. The truth is, you are not just relying on great amplification in order to access the hearing work. This is because your brain has been used to a lower level of sound, and it will take time to adapt to the sounds that suddenly will be coming from all sorts of directions. 

Adapting means that you are sort of retraining your brain to identify different sounds, and also identifying what those sounds are as well. This can take weeks if not months to perfect. However, everyone is different, and adaptation will also depend on the level of hearing loss that you have. 

It might also be different for people who have had longer periods of time of hearing loss compared to others. The best advice would be to be patient with it, and take your time to adapt to this new lifestyle that you will be experiencing. 

The right fit is important

Another thing to think about when it comes to your first experience with hearing aid is finding the right fit. Inserting your hearing aid correctly takes a bit of practice and is often tricky to master at first. However, once you have got the technique right, you won’t look back. However, if you are feeling any discomfort while wearing your hearing aid then you may want to speak with your ENT doctor for some advice or guidance. 

There are a few things that could be causing issues aside from not fitting them correctly. It might be that your ear canal is blocked or has excess wax. The hearing aids can also make your ear feel different at first, but this can be helped the more you adjust to wearing them. However, at no point should you be feeling discomfort, so it’s important to discuss this with your hearing professional.

Avoid noisy situations at first

The best advice to start out with is to be aware of noisy situations. Your body will need some time to adjust to the extra amplification in every situation. As each day passes you could look to increase your usage until it is at a level that you feel comfortable with. It is best to start with quieter places and work from there. 

Throwing yourself a big party to celebrate, heading to a busy restaurant or populated place during the first few days will only make you feel uncomfortable and potentially have symptoms of a headache. This should be a gradual process as your body gets used to the amplified sounds around you. 

Rediscovering your voice

You might find that there are a few surprises along the way when it comes to using a hearing aid in those first few days. The initial surprise will be when you speak for the first time with amplification. You will get used to the sound of your own voice again, but this can be a common experience for many first-time wearers of hearing aids. 

Helping yourself to hear better

There are some great tips online that can help you to help yourself when it comes to hearing. You want to try and boost your hearing potential by being aware of your listening environment. For example, heading to a restaurant where it is busy. By sitting in front of a wall, you are reducing background noise behind you and therefore amplifying your hearing experience. 

Another tip is to try and concentrate on one conversation at a time. Position yourself close to the person you are talking to which not only will help with listening but also give you the added advantage of seeing facial expressions. 

Removing it can be a strange experience

Finally, just as putting your hearing aids can feel strange, so can removing them. So, take your time with it as you learn to become more at ease with this. 

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