Facial Trauma or Skin Lesions

Vero Ear, Nose and Throat Associates can Help With Minor Surgical Procedures on the Face, Head and Neck.

Minor surgical procedures can be performed in the office using local anesthetic to repair lacerations or remove skin lesions including skin cancers.   Defects from removal of lesions can be expertly repaired in the office or in the outpatient operating room setting using the plastic surgical tissue techniques.

Nasal fractures can be addressed acutely in the office or operating room to correct functional issues or cosmetic deformity.

Complex facial injuries and facial fractures can be evaluated at Vero ENT Associates, but may be referred out for surgical management if required.  Our physicians do not presently perform repair for complex facial fractures, mandibular or orbital fractures if they require surgery.  If injuries are non-operative in nature, they can be thoroughly evaluated and managed in-house.