Hearing Aid Repair

Over time, the inevitable will happen, and a hearing aid will need to be repaired. This is the natural progression for any electronic device. Regular care and maintenance will minimize this problem, but will not eliminate it entirely. Onsite repair is available from Vero ENT Associates for minor damage. For more complicated issues, manufacturer repair will be the best option.

Maintaining hearing aid integrity

The small working parts in hearing aids can make it difficult to repair when something goes wrong. That is why it’s important to clean hearing devices before they get to the breaking point. The wax buildup will interrupt the quality of sound that passes through the hardware. When the situation gets serious, the wax can even find its way into the interior of the hearing aid and battery compartment. Cerumen is more of an issue when it is soft, but hard buildup can also be problematic. Cleaning hearing aids when changing or charging batteries, is a good way to prevent this from being a problem. Stay away from abrasive solutions when cleaning the device, and closely follow the instructions from the manual or an audiologist. Maintenance is covered in-depth during the initial fitting for the hearing aid.

Loaner hearing aids

When damage is extensive, and beyond patient or onsite repair, the device is sent off to the manufacturer. That doesn’t mean that the wearer has to be without a device for the duration of the repair. Your audiologist will discuss loaner options that provide comparable features. This is why it is always advisable to contact the local office instead of making a third-party purchase – better options are always available from an audiologist. Warranty claims play a part in the loaner program and availability, with the option for extended insurance on some hardware.

Always inspect the device

Plenty of major damage done to hearing devices happens when not wearing them. Users should be wary of where they place or charge hearing aids. Direct sunlight or extreme temperatures will cause problems with the hardware. While minor damage is expected, serious damage can always be avoided by being mindful of device placement. When cared for properly, hearing aids are some of the most durable products in the industry.