Picking a new hearing aid isn't easy, and you are now probably overwhelmed by the amount of choice on the market. Indeed, hearing aid devices have constantly been evolving over the years, and, today, people with hearing loss can benefit from high-tech, state-of-the-art aids that are comfortable and efficient. Even better, they come with integrated features, such as Bluetooth compatibility, that can considerably increase your quality of life. Undoubtedly, there are some cons to consider, but the benefits outweigh them!

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Simply put, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables the exchange of data from a device to another. This technology uses a wavelength to communicate information, but it only works if the two devices are close to each other. 

If your hearing aid supports Bluetooth compatibility, it means that the device leverages this wireless technology to connect to nearby devices, such as phones, smart TVs and iPods. 

When investing in a Bluetooth hearing aid, you will be able to stream audio, answer phone calls and listen to music all through the hearing aid. And the technology behind these devices is so refined that you will still hear voices and sounds in the background.

What can you do with your Bluetooth hearing aid?

If you have ever had a smartphone, wireless headphones or a smart TV, you are now confident with how Bluetooth works. And, if you are, you know that the possibilities that this technology offers are endless.

Among some of the things you will do once your hearing aid is connected to your devices include:

  • Pick up phone calls that come through on your phone
  • Speak over the phone and listen through the hearing aid
  • Connect it to the TV and have the audio streamed directly into the hearing aid for unparalleled sound clarity. 
  • Listen to music
  • Connect to your computer audio for Skype calls and conferences

However, depending on your use, you will have a very personalized listening experience!

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

  • You can have a customized hearing experience.

Thanks to the volume and adjustment buttons, you can customize your hearing experience to the last detail. You can even increase or lower the volume of background noise.

Since you can connect your hearing aid to any device, you will have voices, sounds, and music directly to your ear – without interference. You can watch TV and take calls without effort. 

Since your hearing aid can connect to multiple devices at once, you can switch between a function and the other seamlessly. 

A remote-control system that comes with your device will enable you to connect and control the rest of your technology with just a touch!

All Bluetooth devices work in the same way, so you won't have to invest in other pieces of technology to suit your hearing aid device's functionalities. 

The cons of Bluetooth hearing aids

  • It can take some time to adapt to
  • The Bluetooth technology can drain the battery faster than normal
  • You might need to wear a small streamer pendant along with your hearing aid to make it work.
  • The Bluetooth function is available between devices that are close enough to each other
  • It can cost more than other hearing devices.

When are Bluetooth, hearing aids beneficial?

Since the hearing experience is completely customizable, Bluetooth hearing aids are particularly efficient when you need to regulate the volume of different sounds. Indeed, since they boast a more precise control system over volume or high and low-frequency sounds, you can cut out background noise and hear voices and sounds more clearly.

Some environments in which having a Bluetooth hearing aid might be extremely helpful include:

  • Loud or crowded restaurants
  • Conference calls that connect multiple people
  • Crowded streets
  • Movie nights with others around you
  • Social gatherings

Ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT) can help you choose

Now that you are introduced to Bluetooth hearing aids, you can make a more conscious, educated choice. However, buying a new hearing aid device can represent a significant investment and an important step. While Bluetooth devices are designed to be among the best ones on the market today, they might not be so suitable for your lifestyle or needs. Is unsure, speaking to trusted ENT doctors can be the best way to ensure that you are making the right choice. Learn more about what an ear, nose, and throat specialist can do for you by getting in touch with Vero ENT Associates at (772) 408-9556.