You rely on your hearing aid to get you through your day-to-day activities – and your hearing aid relies on the battery to keep it powered. The life span of a hearing aid battery is affected by many different factors. They will usually last between three and 21 days depending on the type of hearing aid, the capacity of the battery and the amount it is being used.

Most batteries, regardless of if they are used for hearing aids or not have a shelf-life of around three years. Let’s have a look below at some of the common influences on hearing aids:

Hearing loss level

Your battery life can be affected by your level of hearing loss. If you have a profound or severe hearing loss, your hearing aids are going to have the requirement to amplify the sounds greater, this can cause the batteries to drain quicker in comparison to someone who has mild- to-moderate hearing loss.

Battery type and size

The type of hearing aid battery and the size will also have an effect on how long it lasts for. It will depend on if you are using rechargeable or not too. 

There are four common sizes of hearing aid batteries, they all have universal color-coding so that they are easily identifiable. They are 10, 13, 312 and 675. On the zinc-air tabs, you will find that the majority of manufacturers use the universal color code; yellow is for size 10, brown is for size 312, orange is for size 13 and blue is for Size 675. 

The most common is the zinc-air button battery. Here’s a simple guideline for how long hearing aid batteries last by size:

  • Size 13: Typically lasts six to 14 days
  • Size 675: Usually lasts nine to 20 days
  • Size 10: Averages three to seven days
  • Size 312: Typically lasts three to 10 days

Some people find sourcing or constantly changing and disposing of hearing aid batteries is a little bit of a chore. This is when people choose to use rechargeable batteries. Typically, it takes only three hours of charging to get you a full 24-hours use, but if you’re in a rush you then rechargeable enable you to charge for 30 minutes for six hours of use. People who have to wear hearing aids for an entire day may prefer to stick to the standard-issue of batteries as they don’t need to be recharged at the end of each day. 

Hearing aid usage

What you use your hearing aids for and for how long is going to have a huge effect on how long the batteries last for. If you wear them for a full day and only take them out at night then the battery life is going to drain much quicker in comparison to someone who only wears them for a few hours at a time. 

If you use your hearing aids to connect to the internet or for Bluetooth then your battery may drain much quicker. 

On top of this how you take care of your hearing aids will also impact the life of the battery. If you’re someone who takes your hearing aids out and doesn’t open the battery compartment door then it’s likely you will shorten the life span of your batteries dramatically. 

Should always remove the batteries when not in use to ensure the longest possible life of your batteries. This especially applies when you aren’t wearing them for more than two days. 


Every person’s hearing aids are programed differently and use different features whether it’s Bluetooth, internet connectivity, tinnitus maskers or extra amplification, they will all affect the batteries and how long they last for. In theory, the more features you have in use the quicker they will drain the batteries.

Humidity and heat

Batteries should always be stored at room temperature. It used to be the case that batteries were stored in the fridge to help prolong their life however, technology nowadays means that you no longer have to do this. You should always avoid extreme temperatures like you would get in the car, outside in the heat or in your freezer. If your hearing aids are subject to low humidity then your batteries may dry out quicker, while being subject to high humidity can cause them to leak. 

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