Are you experiencing chronic headaches? A health problem here can be either minor or severe. It could disrupt aspects of both your personal and professional life, causing you more stress and leave you feeling completely exhausted by the end of the day. Or, it could be a medical issue that you are more or less coping with. However, in both scenarios you might want to seek treatment to help deal with the situation. That’s where an ENT can be useful.

An ENT is also known as an ear, nose and throat doctor. So, they specialize in medical issues that impact these areas of the body. Hearing issues, sensory problems and tonsil trouble can all be treated and diagnosed by an ENT. Interestingly, many of these medical issues can have chronic headaches as one of the common symptoms. So, let’s explore some of the medical conditions and how seeing an ENT could help you.


One of the most common causes for chronic headaches is an ENT issue called sinusitis. The location of the headache will depend on the sinus that is involved in causing this issue. You could experience the headache in between your eyes indicating the ethmoid sinus, or your forehead indicating frontal sinus. These are not the only sinuses that can cause headaches, and you should check with your ENT as soon as possible if you suspect this to be the case.

Usually when you have this kind of headache it will start in the morning and is hard to cope with, gradually getting better as the day goes on. One of the things to look out for to know if this is the cause of your headaches is that it will be in the exact same place and will get worse when you cough or bend forward.

Ear infection

Ear infections can cause a whole host of issues in your body including headaches. These are usually only on one side of your head. It is more common for an older person who is diabetic to have a headache caused by an ear infection, but it can happen to anyone. If you visit your ENT, they will be able to diagnose if the ear infection is the cause, and if it is they will then prescribe the correct treatment to help you.


Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils and one of the most common symptoms can be severe headaches or even migraines. This is usually coupled with other symptoms as well such as a high temperature and feelings of nausea. An ENT doctor can help you treat this and that will usually not involve removing the tonsils immediately. Instead, most cases can be solved by medication.

We hope you see now why support from an ENT can be so crucial if you are experiencing chronic headaches. With their help, the symptoms and issues of conditions like this can be tackled head on and in many cases cured. That can be enough to completely deal with a case of chronic headaches that could be negatively impacting your life.