Although you can experience an array of runny nose problems during the winter months with low temperatures and colds, the absence of pollen gives many people and their sinuses some respite from common congestion issues. However, as spring is just around the corner and will be upon you before you know it, you should be prepared for any allergy flare-ups from drifting pollen and similar issues caused by blooming plants.

To overcome these issues before they become issues, it is recommended that you prepare your sinuses for spring to ensure you can enjoy the season of new birth. So, what are some home and professional remedies to help your sinuses avoid the vicious cycle that you’re so used to? Here is some advice to make this spring more manageable and pleasant.

Stick to a nutritious diet

If you’re someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, it could be an issue with what you’re eating. If you only rely on quick and convenient processed foods, your body does not get the proper nutrients it needs to combat common sinus issues, including allergies and nasal congestion.

You might also be more prone to specific allergies, including pet hair and types of food, such as nuts or shellfish. These can contribute to triggering your allergies and make spring more unpleasant.

You can overcome this by focusing on more nutritious and hypoallergenic food, as these meals will help you avoid the problems you face each year. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as strawberries, kale, and dark chocolate, as well as food packed with vitamin C like citrus fruits and potatoes, are ideal for maintaining a healthy diet and preventing common allergy problems, give your airways some pampering

Give your airways some pampering

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself at any time of the year, and pampering your airways is a fantastic way for you to prepare your sinuses for spring. This doesn’t mean taking it on a spa retreat, but instead identifying common causes of your allergy issues and making effective changes that minimize and (ideally) eliminate the typical experience.

You can begin this at home by checking your HVAC system and furnace to clear out any blockages. As these appliances operate, they can become filled with dust and dander, and these are two common causes of sinus problems. Once you activate them, the particles spread around the house and will irritate your nose and throat that encourages allergies to flare up.

Similarly, you can use a dehumidifier to keep the air moist and draw allergens and pollutants from the environment. Make sure to clean the filter regularly, though, and use a HEPA filter if possible.

Clear your sinuses

Clearing your sinuses will also allow you to get ahead of any common allergy problems prior to spring. You can use a nasal saline spray to keep the air passages clear and avoid mucus buildup. This will prevent you from experiencing the weighed-down and groggy feeling you often get from a blocked nose, and should also remove the chances of allergen particles collecting within your nasal passage, so you won’t sneeze as often.

Paying close attention to what your sinuses need now can dramatically improve your nasal health when you usually experience allergy issues. By taking a proactive stance against these allergies, you can step into spring feeling fresh and reduce the chance of flare-ups that you often encounter when the flowers start to bloom.

Speak to a professional

For those who experience more severe allergies, you can try these preparation methods but may need to take it a step further. Speaking to an ENT doctor will allow you to understand the nature of your allergies and potential avoidance strategies more succinctly.

Here, you can share previous experiences so the ENT doctor can get a good idea of the allergy severity and provide advice to deal with your allergies at home. They will provide ideas about precautionary measures that will limit your exposure to allergens and pollutants within the home or the office, and even highlight approaches you may not have considered, such as staying hydrated or getting plenty of rest so you are full of energy and your body can tackle sinus problems.

Find out more today

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